When Forrest Gump stopped..


Yesterday i stopped after a month or so of running. And its now that i have stopped that i realise where i am. How far i have drifted from where i wanted to be.
Instantly somehow everything in myself seems alien to me. Alien because i refuse to accept it. I have no answer to anything that selfquestioning is coming up.
Never realised that sleeping had another benefit. It simply takes you away from ur self questioning self. Yeah that self from which u want to hide ur face but now as i have woken up, as when every one has gone to sleeping. I realise that accepting the reality will only help me reduce the limp in my walk.

Yeah its not the first time that i have stopped like that in the past few months or so. But donno why the heavyness of my head is much larger this time. Earlier i used to assure my self that i may be walking a road i don’t want to but as long as i keep my goals, destination in my mind i will reach thr. And thr’s never a single path for anything in life. yeah i know it looks nice and logical but its a lie, a selfassuring lie that may help u stand up and walk again and but you will again be walking the same path.

I don’t know where i will be when i stop the next time, what i will feel then. And also i don’t want to place any selfassuring lie again. But i will stop again, again to see where i am though i hope i won’t be writing this again.


5 Responses to “When Forrest Gump stopped..”

  1. 1 divya

    by looking at you, one cant guess that what lot u have in ur mind………….
    and plzzzzzzz do not take it as a compliment……….

    i cant do that !!

  2. 2 Ravi

    Hmm…This post must have left most in the confused state of mind.But some how i can’t say that.I accept that accepting the reality will renove the limp from your walk but thats not enough to take you to your goal.Accepting the reality is important but it is not the end,rather it is the starting.It brings me to the question that after all how many times we have started in our life for what we have always wanted.In one book i read that How does clarity in vision can help you in reach it?It talked about Creative tension which is like motivation you drive by having that clarity.And than their is something called as emotional tension something called as lack in faith.It is the byproduct of our experiences in our life.Everybody has made us felt that you cant do it.You are not the right person to do it.Its not possible .This can’t do feelings and thoughts get accumulated in our mind and drive us subconciously.We might not believe all this but it is also point of concern.
    Leave all this few days back i was reading an article something an active NGO in mumbai called AKANSHA.I enquired about it internet and got drifted to some blog.The blog was of some guy who was Graduate from IIT Chhenai and MBA from IIM Calcutta.After serving some MNC for about an year he joined this NGO .It so happened that during one of the noemal visits he had to go to 14 days trip with the children of that deprived classes in the NGO,()he was only part time active earlier.Later he joined Akansha Completely .Later in one article he wrote that what ever he learned in those 14 days was more important than what he learned in both IITs and IIMs.No i am not trying to motivate you bu saying that people like him exist or we should also join NGO and all.But my point here is that how intuition and Hunches are changing lives in this world.May be the peoblem which we are facing are just not simple enough to be solved by rational mind alone.
    Bye take care

  3. 3 Vatsal

    I can somehow relate with this article of yours. We have talked number of times on this topic and every time there is no result. I would say we are always going for a safer option (which we call reality/practicality) rather than for our intution or what we actually want.

  4. 4 shally

    This post has been removed by the author.

  5. 5 shally

    hey rakshh — donno y but even i feel same sometime, I think most of us feel like this at some point of our life, but the best part is to play with words– u are just too gud in this. Honest and yet so interesting blog.. keep it up

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