How i wish..


It was getting late at night. He was lying on his bed and reading something. Though it had been half an hour, he hadn’t gone through even four pages. And now if you had called him then and asked abt the book he was reading, he definitely would have looked at the cover of the book to tell you that. About an hour ago he had seen a TV show based on the life of a legend, a truly great achiever. And the show had kinda made him glance through his own life, his long forgotten dreams, unfullfilled wishes, his everything that was worth remembering.As the memories, impressions, dreams et al. were coming to his mind few desires were getting born, while a few still alive but buried deep down thr were also coming to life. Soon the desires were struggling against one another, or may be for something else which they were quite not sure abt, but were ceaselessly trying to engulf his mind. His mind wandered from one desire to another. Few desires were now at the centrestage, in total dominance of whatever he thought, whatever he was trying to plan. Now it was all becoming a dream, he was fantasizing. Time was flowing like a cool breeze so was he.

Suddenly his eyes started getting strained, the calmness of the moment was gone. His eyes were focused he the three lines that he had been reading from the long neglected book, for the past one minute.

” We desire infinity and we cannot imagine it. How can we expect it to be granted?”


3 Responses to “How i wish..”

  1. 1 divya

    wah wah !!
    Hazaaron khwaishey aise ki har khwaish par dum nikale….
    Bahut nikale humare armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikale…!!

    There is only one life and we want to do so many things now and then, is it wrong to be just normal…..cant we just let ourself like we are instead of try being Mr/Ms Perfect and focussing on one single goal??

    And plzzzzzz…..i am not interested in any kind of arguments………khaamosh!!!

  2. unborn desires breathe
    in the arms of
    young desires, the lads
    play with grown-up desires
    never want to lie…lifeless

    Dnt we call this life?


  3. ah…guess now i will have to unveil the cards..

    Yeah, i agree to what both the comments above are’s is all abt dreams and desires but the line(“We desire infinity and we cannot imagine it. How can we expect it to be granted?”) also does stands…

    lemme tell why that post was written..I was reading “Short stories by E M foster” and there was one story which was going smoothly and was about to end and just as sm two paragraphs were left,the writer wrote the life “We desire infinity and we cannot imagine it. How can we expect it to be granted?” and i was left stranded thr…and those lines made me ponder over them for sm half an hr…

    so instead of explaining ifs and buts of that sentense, cos we all know more or less what it means and what our stand is(stands on lines like that are always personal), i wanted to present a situation where some one else(protagnist in the story and anyone who reads that post) gets stranded like i was after reading that E M foster story…

    anyhow “i desired infinity[1], though i imagined it but was not granted”

    [1]writing the post above..

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