Ranking without a cause


Today i went through an article in Hindu where the author talked about India being ranked as 6th most dangerous country for children. The survey was conducted by a panel of more than hundred experts and journalists.
Why are so much money and people being wasted on ranking someone and something that no one would like to associate with.
Ranking as i understand is relative positioning of people on same ground on which they ought to compete. And this information helps them know where they stand so as to perform better to survive against each other or move ahead.

So what’s the point of ranking countries on how children are treated there? This is not some ground on which they are competing and also by knowing their relative position won’t help anyone in any way.
No doubt probing about children’s condition will help but how does ranking countries will help in any way whatsoever. Since what they are doing is just calculating how many are affected and what are the different ways they are treated or how many die of malnutrition etc etc.

Only way this ranking can help is if we can get hold of it before getting born, so that we can decide our place of birth.Huh!

Children somewhere are not getting anything to eat and instead of spending money on bettering their condition these morons are finding their numbers.
Not only that there are some other morons who are debating (in the Hindu article on editorial page) why was India ranked above Srilanka and Chechnya.
Instead they should find out how many morons are there in world and then rank the countries. This would help us better (obviously more than them), so as to avoid them.


2 Responses to “Ranking without a cause”

  1. 1 Hiren

    You are right when you say that doing something is more important than doing Intllectual gymnastics. However one cannot judge in absolute terms without a benchmark or it would be self deception. You have to know where you stand.

  2. @hiren : yeah agreed that you got to know the ground reality but spending money n manpower just to rank n compare them is simply foolishness, this is no competition that you gotta know where you stand….
    every country’s problems are diff and depend on its ppl, environment and society and can be solved by knowing it better not by taking up some superficial numbers and comparing them with others…

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