Loneliness is search.
Search for presence in the existence of yours.

Loneliness is wait.
Wait for the spring without getting lost in the cold winds around you.

Loneliness is struggle.
Struggle for getting out of an abyss of phoniness around you without diving in it.

Loneliness is desire.
Desire of meeting something desirable without getting lost in the trivialities.

Loneliness is pain.
Pain of pining without releasing the pang.

Loneliness is hope.
Hope of crossing the sea of bewilderment around without getting drowned.

Loneliness is protection.
Protection of yourself from the maligned world without touching it.

And above all loneliness is love. Love for urself.
That love which is helping you pass the dark night before the next morning.
That love which will save you from getting lost.
That love which will preserve the meaning of love for you.

Just hang on, the first ray of light is just around the corner.

PS: Something thr made me write this.
Btw its my first attempt at poetry, if it can be called so.


15 Responses to “Loneliness”

  1. 1 Ranj

    Hey! Nice attempt… entering a blog (mine or otherwise) after months…. Good Luck with the words!

  2. 2 Divya

    very true …

  3. 3 Gangadhar

    Loneliness!! Nice points,Rakesh…
    Well i feel loneliness as gud at sometimes…but bad at some other times..

    And nice blog here…gud to see you on my blog…keep visiting…

  4. 4 Aneesha

    Loneliness…poignant phase of life
    cool blog!!

  5. @Ranj: thanks..but u should start writing again..it was nice reading ur blog..

    @Divya: indeed..

    @Gangadhar: thanks…sure i will be paying more visits..

    @Aneesha: thanks..

  6. Rakesh….

    …In hushed silence,
    I watched the celebration
    of unspoken words patching
    the calamity between our hearts….


  7. Loneliness. Visits me.
    Am not ashamed of it.

    It taps lightly on the door.
    Holds me tight in the misty nights.
    Burns my cheeks with its ardent kisses.

    Crushes me. A fine dust.
    Disappears into the shadows.
    Without leaving a note.
    Stains of its departure.
    Fragrant with a new meaning.

    *glad to write to you over here

  8. jyo,

    very apt indeed…
    the comment section now looks more worthwhile to read, thanks to your beautiful lines..

  9. 9 Ravi

    Thought you wanted to phrase an irony but in doing so you have disfigured the entire gist of it.

    By reading this i have started wondering as if Loneliness is such a desirable feeling to have.
    By trying to create the ambiguity.You have lost the entire meaning of it.
    Why dont compose it one more time call it v1.2 if you like but try to preserve the essense.

  10. No, i didn’t wanted to present an irony, thrs no irony once u know something…

    and abt Loneliness being a desirable feeling…well i never desired it but somehow when i lookback whatevr i see i am now, i owe it to those moments…
    actually loneliness is more of solitude for me accompnied with “indifference” rather than “sadness”..

    ps: “v1.2” lol…s/w enggineers…

  11. Rakesh

    The branches are bare.
    The birds are still.
    I stand near the bench,
    until I have lost
    in its loneliness.

    Are you uploading new stories,if any? love to read them.umm, can see you are reading interesting books. I am currently with Virginia Woolf and the rock star, the maverick Tom Robbins…


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