Morning mishap


He half opens his eyes, his left hand still on the alarm clock. It was all dark around him, not even a hint of light.
He stops just as his hand was about to hit the alarm clock again. Anguished he curses Mrs. Desai, the head mistress of the house.

He hates it when she changes the alarm time without letting him know. He knows its futile to hate her, the more anguished he will feel the more it will be difficult to go to sleep again. He knows she won’t be up by at least 2 hrs by now.
His eyes still closed, he gathers himself up so as to rest his back on the wall. He wonders why has she woken him up so early. Neither is Mr. Desai home, so there’s no point washing the car and nor is it’s Nahar’s examination time that he may need a tea or milk now.
Still wondering but too angry to complete any of his thought, he starts counting the ticks of the clock, and abandons it when he can’t remember the next number.
The only reason he likes counting is that it makes him fall asleep quickly.

“Mohan,” comes the yelling.
“Mohan, Where the hell are you.”

He opens his eyes suddenly, tries locating at the door, which is barely visible in the dark. The sound of her footsteps reaching the door increases. Quickly he throws the bed sheet away and gets off the bed in panic. As he moves, his eyes stop at the curtains, hiding the windows behind, which were just put up yesterday for the first time.
The left side of the curtains flutters and his panic grows ten folds as light form outside hits his eyes.

“How come you are still not out of the bed,” comes the yell from behind.
“Its good 30 minutes that your alarm must have rung,” she says.
“Sorry…aa..I thought..curtains..,” he murmers.
“Shut up! Go to the kitchen and don’t you dare get anything near your mouth before noon,” she says looking as angry as she can.
He slowely moves towards the door, cursing her and those damn curtains.


6 Responses to “Morning mishap”

  1. 1 Vatsal

    Kuch maza nahi aaya

  2. 2 Harsh

    Could have combined with some fun or more mishap to make it Intresting !!!

  3. 3 Gangadhar

    gud one,Rakesh..
    I always love suspense and thrill in a story..which u maintained…

  4. @ Harsh, Vatsal : really!
    @Ganga : Thanks..

  5. 5 Ravi

    First thing..If it was an experiment from your part to check how well can you write fictional stories,than it was a good attempt.
    There are few things that i could not ignore-
    –>you started off well but ending just doesnt qualifies the start.The words that you used in the post like panicked and all gave me the impression as if something very wrong is going to happen to him if he does nt wake up that very moment.OR you could have chosen to elaborate the ending in which he was scolded,giving it more agitating experience for him.May be by adding one or two of his thoughts in the end.

  6. everything’s an experiment nowadays as am not sure of anythng:razz:

    well word “panic” comes into picture cos of the fact that he realises that he had dossed off(and also since he dosed off, he hasn’t got any track of time) and the lady is lurking just around the corner.
    and abt sth getting wrong isn’t “Shut up! Go to the kitchen and don’t you dare get anything near your mouth before noon” that bad enuff:???:

    actually to be true i wanted to end the post just when he realised the existence of curtains,:neutral: and every word after that was looking more of a burden so thats why i didn’t elobrate much as u said i should have….

    ps: see thats why i asked u to read n see if thrs sth to comment:wink:

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