Just a vague thought


Slowly his eyes opened and things started coming into focus. The place looked dark and few things were moving here and there. Every thing looked absurd, those things appeared and disappeared without any apparent reason. Not sure what those things were he assumed them to be some kind of species.

Suddenly he realized is own presence, he saw himself similar to others, but suddenly he felt very weak. Not sure what was happening, he tried to concentrate. But the more he tried to concentrate, more painful his existence became. Disheartened he pushed himself to a corner of the place where he was lying. And slowly he lost his consciousness.

Similar species were originating around him, some were getting stronger while some were loosing out just like him. Slowly he realized he was bit strong and was again observing his surroundings. He observed that gain of one was the loss of others. Sometimes one or two species submerged into one another to create something else of the same kind. But change was something that was happening continuously. It has been some time that he came to existence. Amazed of the things happening around him he had almost lost the thought of himself. But now as his understanding of the place around was increasing, the activity was dwindling.

Not sure why other species around him were dying, he looked at himself and was mighty shocked to realize that his size had grown many folds. Perplexed he tried to contemplate why had that happened. He had just been lying there and doing nothing, just watching n understanding the place. And something had happened to him as it was happening to others. He still didn’t know the driving force of the place.
Was it lying? Or was it watching? Or is it thinking that makes things work here?

Still he had no answer but his size was still growing and every thing around was getting dull. He was alone in the light that seemed to come out of him. Far in one corner he saw new specie emerging from dark. Though the new specie was very small but still he seemed to like it. The specie started moving towards him as if he had summoned it, and somehow the speed of the specie was increasing. And before he could think of anything else, the specie struck him with lightning speed and pat came the realization that this place was somebody’s mind and he was just a vague thought.


14 Responses to “Just a vague thought”

  1. 1 m

    Nice story and it wasn’t just a vague thought but a well thought upon i must say.

  2. vague thoughts indeed! really nice!! n thnx for the li’l rhyme back at my blog 🙂

  3. you have a pretty different style of writing!!

    🙂 enjoyed reading it!

  4. 4 Gangadhar

    Nice one,Rakesh..
    yeah..me too liked da style of ur writing…

  5. umm…Rakesh

    I felt the hues of
    Kafka’s Metamorphosis
    in the beginning…was
    glued to you as one
    more shuddering reader…
    but then somehow, dear boy,
    you lost the grip over me
    have you read Kafka’s M
    it’s eerish flavour
    haunts one throughout and
    one feels the grotesque pain
    along with the protagonist..
    so I suggest a bit tightening
    of the plot…

    *wrote to your loneliness.do check?

  6. @m : Thanks..and what does that m stands for?
    @sunshine, chandni, Gangadhar : Glad u all liked it..

    @jyo :
    well nothin abt that post was meant to be kafkaesque..it was just a thought on how the thoughts might look inside one’s head..just a fiction..
    and abt Kafka…yeah will read it soon, have got it on my book shelf though..rite now am bit walkin down the realms of Camus’s existentialism…

  7. yup..I read that you are currently with Camus’ Stranger..it’s powerful n compelling! Camus, Kafka, Sartre and Iris Murdoch are my fav. set of Existentialism thinkers…well,Calvin & Hobbes show the lighter side of the same phil


  8. jyo,

    ah..after visiting ur blog as i see ur first comment again, a dialogue from Sixth sense comes to my mind
    “They only see what they want to see”:wink:

  9. Rakesh

    sometimes, like many others, it occurs to me that Things Are Better Left Unsaid. n eyes are adjusting themselves to be ‘Selective’ rather than being ‘All Encompassing”

    *tried to post the same response previous night, but failed in my mission

  10. Jyo,
    yup…very true one never has to waste himself among the trivialities n triteness of the life, but first encounters are thankfully inevitable and shunning from them may make u miss something worthwhile….
    but again smbody’s first encounter may not be someone else’s..

  11. Firstly thanks for visiting my blog & for ur nice words there.
    Now regd this post of urs, u know I thot u were writing abt a new born baby & how the baby was viewing this world! 🙂

  12. 12 Aneesha

    marvelous piece…!!

  13. hi rakesh..
    ur vague thought is very much valid.
    i was amazed how wonderfully you write..

    have a nice day dear…

  14. hi buddy,
    you have been gifted with a great writting skill..
    you put ur words in such a magnificant way…

    keep writting..

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