Astrology, Pluto and Me


Astrology is something which tries to determine certain things about us as we are born and also how things are or will be at any point in our lives.
Now with our small, large or whatever knowledge about science we know that existence of a large charge effects all other smaller charges present in its vicinity (its electric field). Astrology is essentially based on similar principle where we are affected by the planets around us.
As the planets have different shaped orbits, different distance from earth, different composition etc so essentially every planet has different capabilities of affecting a child as he’s born because of its position in the universe (two Childs born on 5th Jan n 5th Oct in same hospital will have Mars in diff positions). So planetary position defines our basic composition as we are born (remember sun-sign) and also they continue to effect us as we go along with our lives.

lemme add sth abt Pluto also. Bejan daruwala says Pluto is actually a planet of crime i.e. its influence defines the criminal capabilities of people [1].

So it looks that planets can affect us because we all are made up of somewhat similar material. But didn’t ya all forget me. I am also an energy too, influenced by planets and similar to you. Agreed my mass is too small as compared to other 9 biggies but am much too closer to you.

Yeah that’s the point that why astrology considers planets and neglects human beings around us. They all are energies, and have what other planets have got. Agreed we are quite insignificant in our masses as compared to planets but this is where inverse square law comes in.
So actually the planets are fixed, have periodic motion and are few in numbers so we can actually quantify their influence on humans. This is not easy if we start considering influences of Human beings also. Yeah with technology advancing so fast we may be able to do that some day but not now.

Ah! i forgot the million dollar question : Does Pluto effect me?
And about the recent Pluto’s bad luck i can only say that “Don’t worry Pluto, world’s full of morons just ignore them”.

Ps: I don’t believe in astrology or rather actually don’t want to. The mere implication that anything that’s happening to my life is actually because of the planets above amuses me. The above post was actually a possible idea explaining why not to believe astrology but some how it agrees to the base of it. Anyhow though I guess I conveyed whatever I wanted to say but still…feel free to question, comply, and criticize or anything in the comment section.
[1] heard that in his interview on TV yesterday


10 Responses to “Astrology, Pluto and Me”

  1. 1 Divya

    Too good !!
    I made my mom read it (she is into a solid research of all this) and strange but she liked it….

  2. i read the astro-column just for don’t care abt tht… but, i did feel bad for pluto.. how sad to be stripped off it’s planet status!

  3. Those moron’s will get their share of bad luck.Pluto will take revenge of the matter:)

  4. well I dont know too much about astrology but dont disbelieve completely.

    As far as sun signs go…I have seen ypical traits in people as described in their sunsign so I leave it at that….

    I acually never thpught abt it, how will astrology suffer now that Pluto is officially not a planet any more?

  5. 5 Gangadhar

    interesting read,Rakesh!!

  6. AStrology is a kind of half science and not really a documented science. Lately, I have seen too many intelligent people believe in it. Can’t help being affected.

  7. @Divya : so she did agreed to what i said or just liked my attempt?..

    @Sunshine : yeah its pretty much entertainment only…

    @Ashwin : ‘May the force be with Pluto’

    @Chandni : yeah sunsigns are at times pretty much correct for sm ppl…actually few thngs in my sunsign are also pretty much accurate..
    and astrology won’t suffer untill Pluto is also left out frm astrological calculations..

    @Ganga : pretty much..

    @Hiren : actually its base looks quite ok…and what it promises to deliver makes it much more fascinating….so exploration is quite natural..

  8. Well, I think demotion of Pluto is a good thing.
    Now, kids have to memorise only the names of 8 planets instead of 9. I think they will take it. Good Deal.
    And you haven’t touched on the subject… Does Pluto mind? 😉

  9. What good thing? with less names to remembers kids will have more time to bug thr parents…and guess what my days as kid are over so whrs the good thing:wink:

    and Pluto doesn’t minds as i told him “never mind a person with no mind”:wink:

  10. 10 Divya

    she liked the attempt as one small article cant counter the number of books she has read….

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