It had been an eventful morning in Sharma family today. Mrs Sharma had been in the thick of the things as she had to ready up three family members instead of the usual two. From today rahul starts his schooling.


“Ah! What are you doing Rahul” Enquires Mrs sharma as she walks towards Rahul.
“Shoes, Mom”.
“But you are putting on the wrong shoe”.
“Its mine, see” he picks up one shoe and waves towards her.
“I mean it’s for left foot not right”.
“It fits, see”.
“lemme do it”. She bends and starts doing the needful.


Rajat was sitting on the breakfast table, taking bit more time eating than usual.
He was amused and also a bit angry about the attention that his brother was getting today.
He tried remembering his first day in the school. He couldn’t recall much apart from few flashes of introduction session and the fun games that were played that day.
‘After all three years is a long time’ he told himself.
He heard his mom yelling at Ramu asking him to get the car out.


The car stops at the gate of a huge building, dwarfed by its vast front garden. A guard comes forward and enquires something to which Mr. Ranjan replies with an angry expression. The guard returns and another guard moves towards the gate.

The gate is a large one standing beside big square pillars made of some red stone; a semicircular white board stands above the pillars. The board reads “National institute for mentally challenged”.

Rahul had just got his 16th b’day gift.


9 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. Rakesh

    Mellifluous! the tiny twist of emotion tucked in the HAPPY LITTLE CLOSET is soothing a point!


  2. Hi Rakesh
    dnot know where to write…but..I can see you are reading Sartre’s Age of Reason.that’s one amongst my all-time favourites.would love to know ur experience with the book…how do u get that cute little window for books…create a tiny slot there that i could comment on it


  3. 3 Gangadhar

    Wah Rakesh..Though the twist’s fine..but i feel somewhat sad about Rahul..
    nice write up,i should say..

  4. hi rakesh,
    i feel like crying after reading that as i wasnt prepare for that twist in the story..

  5. @Jyo : That window abt books is just a text widget available with this wordpress theme that i am using. I guess its not possible to get a comment section thr….
    I was thinking of reviewing books n movies. So may be u can comment then…

    @Ganga, mona : yeah its sad but life’s like that…

  6. Nice one. And, sad too…only in a way though. I quite liked it 🙂

  7. Wow.. nicely done!

  8. 8 Vatsal

    Somehow was not able to exactly understand what u were tryin to say?

  9. @Vatsal: didn’t ya see the tag fiction on the top?
    It was just a story abt a weekday morning of a small, happy looking family with a painfull little facet.
    And incidetly someone had b’day that day so it was kinda exploration abt how’s b’day it was. So all four parts talk abt 4 diff ppl and last line gives the answer.
    just a try of mine in story telling, alas you didn’t liked it.

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