Why its Raining?


As i listen
to the sound
My whole world
spins around

I wonder why
as it thunders so high
It all feels like
a vented out cry

As i scream
thoughts knock and leave
The more i try to see
it all looses its sheen

As it pours by
nothingness hovers the sky
It all washes by
still i feel so dry


3 Responses to “Why its Raining?”

  1. Rakesh

    Good flow…

    The luxuriant loam
    held her breath,
    read the message from
    the dark clouds
    gathering overhead.
    A sweet intoxication
    hung thick in the air

    Skies thundered loud and high,
    the dry earth crackled dry,
    silence again passed by!


  2. Loved the last stanza! Beautiful poem…

  3. It has been raining for three days in Calcutta..

    And somehow the rain has dampened everyone’s spirits. So, thats probably somewhat similar emotions I feel on my side.

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