The Ceremony


They were six of them all six year olds standing in a row. The room was dark and they were holding each other’s hands. Though there was a hint of light out thr but just enough to make out the movement of silhouettes.

The reason for darkness was may be that when the lightning strikes it should catch them in surprise.

One could here their repressed breathing which they were consciously trying to suppress even more. But then again someone will give out a long sigh as if telling others that he was still present or may be alive.

The suddenly a silhouette appeared at one end of their view. The person looked quite a giant and was carrying something with him. The thing he was carrying had the shape of bamboo at the lower end but some how it looked complicated.

He stopped in front of them and lowered a bit as if a warrior will bow before his last blow. Then he said something with his coarse voice.
May be he said “Smile please”.
A Lightning flash struck their faces.
Thus concluded the sepia ceremony with lights getting turned on all over the place.


3 Responses to “The Ceremony”

  1. Hi Rakesh
    Neat scotch!it took me in, pushed me to the edgy darkness around and made me *dnot know, inexplicable, recall “Birth”, Nicole Kidman starrer and the young Sean is a creepily mature kid, who strangely lacks any childish side. always wears serious expression and dark coloured clothes….this’s a bit creepy movie n at the tail-piece, he,like many school kids, goes for a mug-shot….your story reminds me of his nerve-wrecking yet gentle smile…Jyo
    *the Mannequin taking away the life from Scarecrow

  2. Ahem…
    Quite a piece, took me!!!
    Well, you write good… i was just holding my breath and the “holding” brought a smile later!!

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