Guilty, But Who?


Dr. Wayne S. Fenton was killed this month by a 19-year-old patient suffering from severe psychosis.[ link ]

Now here’s that classical situation again

Suppose there’s a man lying in the gutter, with all his clothes torn, living in an hypothetical world, viewing himself as king but in reality its just an illusion, a plain overextended hallucination which is never going to end.
So what will you do ?
Help him come to come back to the sad reality which won’t help him Or will you let him lying there in his hallucination [1]

Lets come back and take that doctor first. Unarguably he was only trying to help. And there was nothing wrong in his approach, many have been helped and he could have done it again also. But something went wrong which costed him his life.

And what about the patient, was it his fault?
He was mentally ill with no fault of his own. May be left to himself he would have again tried to commit suicide. But here he was being treated, being helped, being done on something, which he doesn’t understands and if he can’t understand it how can we expect him to appreciate it. How can we expect any other life to matter to him when his own doesn’t. And also he never asked for your help?

I guess we all think from the doctor’s perspective, our perspective. But what if death is the ultimate thing, the actual thing that’s too much awesome than life.
What if reason and explanation are diseases and something else something, metaphysical, is the truth, which obviously i can’t understand but the patient does. And since explanation is a disease to him he won’t explain to us.

Lemme cut the crap [2] and come to the actual point.
Should we let this practice go on?
Yes we have to.
On the same lines where we bring a dying patient to the operation table from an accident and the doctor without his consent operates and unfortunately the operation ends unsuccessful.
When we can accept a patient’s death from a doctor’s hand we also have to accept the things other way round.
Indeed it’s unfortunate butwe can’t help it and we have to accept that. And only thing that’s worth being the yardstick in such situations is the intent.

Donno why but this facet of life is quite facinating, i mean we know something is wrong but can’t point out the wrong doer, we can’t even decide who is the wrong doer.

It just reminds me of a line from some book[3] : “..within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repeled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”

[1] Any answer to that has always eluded me.
[2] Did I say crap? I guess not.
[3] I guess it was from The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, alas, i never completed it.


6 Responses to “Guilty, But Who?”

  1. Read the entire page. You sweat the small stuff.
    I suggest you get some grass.

  2. hahaha..really….may be cos am not Q or may cos u are Q or may be i should not have cut that crap.

  3. 3 Divya

    Answer to [1]….I agree that i dont have any right to disturb him from his fantasy world but my answer stands only till the condition that the person never comes out of it ….but it is questionable when the person himself comes to reality n feels guilty bout it…..
    u might ask that who am i to calculate this guilty factor or decide wat is right or wrong for him; therefore i will not help him.
    But i wud be wrong if i dont help the person who i know ll feel guilty about the same……

    In real world, this fantasy world does not last forever n that is the reason the ppl affected must be helped. The affected ppl are happy in their world only till the time they dont mix their world with the real one……

  4. well….debatable but i guess I cant blame the doc and yet….I dont know

  5. 5 Gangadhar

    me too can’t blame the doc..

  6. 6 Divya

    the movie “Woh Lamhe” on similar lines…..i didnt know Bhatt family also goes thru ur blog !!

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