United 93 n more


Yesterday i watched United 93. It was a good movie. Some good realistic description of what could have gone out in the 4th hijacked 9/11 flights. It showed how chaos ensued on the plane, how nervously ppl contacted their family members via phones and cells, how tense and uncertain those hijackers were, how in the end the plane crashed as the passengers intervened and many other things. But still i didn’t liked the movie not that i don’t like seeing ppl die in a no win situation or it was a bad made movie.

Something of the same sort happened when i read those Kafka novels namely The Trial and The Metamorphosis. The novels no doubt catch the absurdity and hopelessness of human life in the most consummate of ways but still i couldn’t really enjoy them. The reason i could fathom was that life indeed is like that and when i myself try to shun from it how could i enjoy reading it like that. Or may be it was the quality of that novel that it could make me despairingly uncomfortable.

Anyhow, watched Before Sunset also which was a good movie barring a few not so good minor things. Also brought two more books- Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. So it was not that bad a weekend after all.


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  1. umm
    someone had a weekend with a good mix of books and movies. Kafka’s The Metamorphosis stirred me up from a known deep slumber. Will write about that soon.
    Have heard n read about United 93…N expect it to be good for me watch! despite being aware of the outcome, am sure, the film would have taken you through how people put up a brave fight against insensitive elements. It could be a great reminder as well as an inspiration that stays with one.
    Now coming to one of my all-time favourite movies : Before Sunset
    A simple romantic story on the “second chance” life offers one amidst lilting conversations over a walk or across the table in a coffee shop…dnot you think, it effortlessly puts one on a philosophical trip of one’s life..to be more pragmatic!
    So much one has to tell the other,beautiful boulevards of Paris, the evening crawling through the boulevards of Paris- over their faces…am so enthused by the flow of conversations from work life to the environmental issues, the romantic interludes, relationships and the subsequent dissonance or disillusionment..n of all them, that simple desire to stay with the person for some more time…how one remains empty, in spite of being in a relationship/marriagehood …

  2. U improved a lot alll these dayz in the way u presemt urself in these blogs.Good

  3. @Jyo :
    donno why but Kafka never stirred me as such, i mean after reading some pages in one sitting i was never rushed for more. A sense of repulsion was more in thr not that it was something not worth reading but something not worth going through…Anyhow, will see to ur writeup on it..
    Well, coming to ‘Before Sunset’. You indeed have put it up very well.
    Lilt conversations, placid flow, vivid boulevards, mild apprehensions…all leading up to a tumultuous yet restrained outbreak…that coming to terms with the deep imbued pains..Indeed one philosophical trip of a life time…and add to it a perfect chemistry.
    Another great thing abt the movie was Julie Delpy. She was awesome in her role, almost the lifeline of the movie. The way she talked, smiled, cried, sung that song in the end. it was truly a delight to watch, almost of the league of Meg Ryan…

    @Ashwin: Ah, really!

  4. interesting you compare United 93 with Kafka! I somehow missed the movie and haven’t been able to see it.

    I personally think it is not a very useful comparison. In kafka the malevolence and the forces of oppression which result in individual hopelessness are abstract structures… the legal system, the family, the bureaucracy, the job etc they are never real people and the souce of power is always mysterious and never spelt out. this i think is not true with united 93.

    also kafka’s stories are less about the world than about the internal individual consciousness, and how fear, paranoia and persecution change the way one looks at the world. in this sense kafka doesn’t try to capture the concrete world but rather a state of mind in abstract.

    I like kafka very much, he is one of my all time favourites.

  5. ah, not actually. I mean i didn’t intend to compare them; it was just that i remembered feeling it same somewhere back though not necessarily for the same reasons. Both of them are pretty different in the context they portray so a comparison is almost unwarranted.

    Indeed Kafka stories are about individual consciousness but isn’t there a feeling of coming to terms with the world, a desire to be part of the world also apparent there? Also what can one call a thing(favourite?) if it achieves its purpose in essence? I mean it repelled me, made me miserable. I couldn’t rush through it nor could i leave it, which is usually what i do when i don’t like a novel.

  6. wow! I am so jealous…sounds like much fun!

    I enjoyed United 93 immensely and especially as I watched it in the US…with all americans reacting to it so differently…it was a diff experience!

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