Doomed to dirt


Mr Kumar was returning to his home after an over trying day in the office. As he neared his place, a filthy pavement by the side of his right window reminded him of a painful development that took place few days back.

He hasn’t still not come to terms thought that he would be living in what would look like a prison camp, with each successive floor looking like a mountain. A look of a scooped up chicken shelter came up in his mind.
He wondered how would it feel with the feeling that whole of the world’s dirt and filth has moved half way more closer to him. Disgusted he shook his head.

He imagined how it would look if his whole family would have to spend almost double the time washing their bodies. He imagined the wry look his neighborhood grocery shopkeeper will give him on seeing him buy double his quota of soaps. May be he will shift to some cheap soap, he thought.

As the bus was moving he caught a glimpse of an old filthy poster of movie ‘The Aviator’. A smile appeared on his face. Amused and disgusted he cursed his luck.
Lost in his thoughts he didn’t even realize stepping out of the bus and there he was now in front of his house looking at the municipality notice responsible for his entire mental trauma.
The notice read: ‘As per the MCD directives the road will be widened to double its present width. All troubles are deeply regretted.’


One Response to “Doomed to dirt”

  1. 1 Divya

    This was good…
    After such a long time, u wrote something whose reading has no prerequesites !!

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