The Departed


Truth and Honesty are not synonymous with each other.

This is what the Irish Gangster Costello says to Colin Sullivan and this is what Scorsese unfortunately lives up to. Scorsese gives us a decent played potboiler which may claim to pocket the truth of the Film maker’s caliber but sadly leaves honesty behind.

What we have here is a star-studded cast of Nicholson, Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Walhberg and Alec Baldwin with a tightly scripted gangster saga where good and bad flirt equally with each other without bothering for a line to be drawn between each other. A line holds anything when you are on either of the sides but when viewed from above it’s just a point of focus where all the action sits. But somehow Scorsese does nothing, while desiring to showcase both sides he forgets to rise. Nevertheless Costello says the cliche:

When I was your age they used to say you could become cops or criminals. What I’m saying to you is this… When you’re facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?

The movie’s named The Departed and the only reference to it comes when someone says in the end to pay homage to the departed i.e dead. I don’t know why Scorsese went for such a name. ‘The Rats’ or ‘Pied Pipers of Massachusetts’ would have been apt titles as that’s what the movie is about. Yeah, rats i.e moles on the both sides. Rats, as Costello loved to call them.
Costigan(DiCapario) and Sllivan(Damon) are both rats on opposite turfs but are unaware of each others identity. And as the movie moves both try to find out the identity of the other leading to a interesting and intense drama towards the end.
Movie is good and is nicely made but somehow lacks the soul. It lacks the intense feeling that just oozes out of the Scorsese’s other works like ‘The Taxi’ or ‘The Goodfellas’ or the recent one ‘The Aviator’.
Jack Nicholson is at his usually best doing everything with ease and flair, be it giving his HoHO kinda laugh or his attempts to mimic rats. Though DiCapario looked overdone but he neverthless pulled up a great performance whereas Matt Damon acted as if any other actor could have replaced him for better. The stellar performance of the movie was from Mark Wahlberg who showed a lot of verve in the first half but sadly went underutilized later.

Well, it looks am blabbering way too much. Its just that am paying the brunt of my over expectations.
Go watch it and come back to throw tomatoes at me.


2 Responses to “The Departed”

  1. 1 jerry

    The film was great but unlike you I thought that Damon was superb. Leo’s chidlike face and annoying voice didn’t help me to think that he’s a tough guy though his performance was awesome. I thought Jack was overacting though sometimes he was very funny. Mark was enjoyable to a great extent for sometime but when it was clear that he’s gonna serve no purpose to the film but just throw some good lines with lots of F*** bombs then he started to fade. But this is just my opinion.

  2. jerry:
    as i said i guess my expectations doomed it…
    donno why but Damon is either smiling or not smiling, there’s no other emotion on his face..i just miss his intensity as he showed in “Good will hunting”.
    I guess Leo’s child like face and his voice just added to his insecure yet compelled character of a poor mortal striving for justice which he never had in his life..
    abt Mark….Yeah, it looks that he didn’t serve much purpose but then he had s great start which must have been capitalized but never was..

    ps: sorry for replyin so late..but i guess u won’t read it now..but still..

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