Half a day


22 Sep, 17:49
As he stepped out of the office his mobile beeped. It was a reminder for his meeting with the doctor. He dismissed the reminder and hurried onto the car. He waited for a few minutes in his car as the little disturbance of ppl getting their cars out of the parking died out. He hates the restlessness that keeps cropping up while one is in the middle of something and has to wait for something else so at times he knowingly delays but then this also has its repercussions.

Reverse gear…first gear…2nd…wroom…and he was out of the parking lot turning left without even glancing at the right.

Driving always used to ease him up but it had its limits too. An overtly empty road or a crowded one was just not a place for him. A moderated traffic where he could drive between 80-100+ taking slight turns and twists, overtaking anything and everything along his way used to give him a calm and soothing sense of engagement.
Today was one of his best days and he was effortlessly enjoying his flight.
“Just the next turn”- a voice from his left.
Astonished, he glanced left to take a view of the person sitting on the adjacent seat. The sense of surprise suddenly turned into one of amusement, as he realized how bored he would have been had he not lost sense of his companion.
He smiled and said, “Yeah, sure”. But now he was struggling to recollect his name.
He shrugged and carried on driving.
After 15 minutes he was at his home.

22 Sep, 18:32
He was now struggling to open his door. The lock had been in its present idiosyncratic state for quite some time but he had got used to opening it anyway and never bothered to change it. But today with his broken right hand he was finding it difficult to open it. He remembered how he had opened it till now but somehow his left hand was not complying.
His frustration was growing leaps and bounds. Slowly he tried to open the lock with his right hand but was not able to exert the necessary force after twisting the key in some particular way.
“Damn”, he shouted and kicked the door and withdrew back.
Leaning on the wall opposite to the door he waited for a few seconds. He moved forward and slowly put the key inside again and waited again. And the suddenly he turned the key.
“Ouch”, he screamed and the door was open.

22 Sep, 18:48

22 Sep, 23:22

He closed his book went to the balcony. Stretching his arms he closed his eyes. As he closed his eyes a deep sense of satisfaction seeped into his body. As if whole body was enjoying the comfort of his eyes. A mild wind was blowing, bringing along with it the long familiar aromatic essence of the vast sea that lied in front. As he opened his eyes he looked at faint light flickering at the longest possible distance on the left of the lone coconut tree on the right.
‘Ah, it must be Tuesday then’, he thought.
As he was about to move inside a piercing loud voice came up. He turned and lowered his head so as to take a view of the source.
bhiaurgaribkeliyebhisabkeliyesevpuripapdichaatdahivadapanipuridahipuribhelpuri”, he ended with a breathy smile, though a fraction of the second later the voice from the down.
“Sahib. Aaj to sirf 90 persant”, came the loud voice from down.
He laughed and waved his hand towards him. Slowly he went towards the entrance door and opened it. A small boy emerged from the left, where the lift is, carrying his Tuesday spl Bhel puri.
22 Sep, 23:55

23 Sep, 02:02

He closed his book and moved his head inside the sheet, and went to sleep, without bothering to turn the lights off.


3 Responses to “Half a day”

  1. Nice and so relatable…a thought float across as I was reading the first time slot (smiles..I love the pauses too..what did you then) the protagonist could be you.

    ….Stretching his arms he closed his eyes. As he closed his eyes a deep sense of satisfaction seeped into his body. As if whole body was enjoying the comfort of his eyes….

    If I were to give a different rendition, I would have said, “strteching his arms he closed his eyes. His eyes were restless for an unbearable fraction of the smallest time-frame, for that fragile touch of zephyr from never ever explored land with a familiar fragrance.This’s the moment he and zephyr slotted to meet.A deep sense of satisfaction seeped into his body as zephyr caressed his eyes and enters him to carve ripples of comfortable seas through…” umm, not so much in place..but no harm in giving a try.

    cut back to the central theme as I understood by me,yes, most of us fall into the hum of mundane existence,and various body variables get conditioned certain actions that they take everyday.body functions like a well-oiled machines, minus emotions or touch of heart.then they happen, those tiny reminders in life..it could be people, it could well-slotted activities you do/I do,…that enable us to trace back to the reality…I FALL SILENT MOST TIMES.I STAY UNWARE OF MY SURROUNDINGS.I FEEL I AM LOST

    am I there in my interpretation?

  2. yew, so many typos..I was sleepy-head then!

  3. hmmm….u are quite there i guess, but then even i don’t know how much near i am..
    its just that ‘he’ did something and i just tried to know why he did that. So i went half a day back but then it turned up to be some other half a day..
    i guess i will have to chase him again someday…

    coming back..
    why these tiny reminders are something which helps us escape that mundane existence but are never the existence we may be searching or wishing for?

    sleepy head…i guess its just the weekend knocking over ur head..nothing beats a weekend spent sleeping.
    ever imagined the feeling when one wakes up on saturday and realises that exact 24 hrs back one was winding up the day’s office work before going home..priceless..
    damn! i just missed the mark by some 3-4 hrs today..

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