Another week


It was quite a rainy weekend, which just made me stay indoor most of the time. Though i couldn’t resist going out on Sunday evening. It did trickled a bit but then who can resist the last shivers of a receding winter.
Watched few movies :
American History X: Starts promisingly but then just flatters as it ends. Some good acting by Edward Furlong and Edward Norton.
Notorious: Alfred Hitchcock. What more can one say.
The Magdalene Sisters: True, grossing and unflinching. A good watch.

Completed My God died Young – Sasthi Brata and The Sea, The Sea – Iris Murdoch this week. The Sea, The Sea began quite fine but then slowly turned into a muddle. Though Iris pulls up in the end but still not quite that well. What downed it was too many people and too much among them though it begins with a man searching solitude, pretty ironic it was. 500 pages was too much of it. Some how i just managed through after few thoughts of abandoning it midway.
Also read about half of The Unbearable lightness of being – Kundera which has just been a fantastic read till now.


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