How fair is that?


Well, whether one believes in God or not, the idea of a creator can’t be ruled out. Yeah one may advocate the Darwinian concept of evolution here but still for it to be functional we still need an earth, a big bang and many other accountable things. But thats not the point here. Point is fairness in life. We all say and understand that life’s unfair but do we really know that how it can be fair, i mean how the concept of fairness can be incorporated in this thing called life and existence.

Ok. lets first get to what we call fair. lets consider an examination, a fair examination, where all get equal time, same questions and same evaluation process. But is it fair? What if we say the conditions for preparation were unfair to him and demand that they should also be same i.e similar books, same teachers and also same hours of study. But then one would ask for same mental and physical conditions, i mean some are born lucky so how can we call it fair. And also many other things like similar social atmosphere, same family condition etc etc will be questioned for.
But this can’t go on and on.
So what’s the solution.

Isn’t a fair test essentially a test of inequality and also that for it to be functional an unfair condition must exist before hand. In a fair test someone is bound to have the fairest of deal among all and someone also the other way round.

Ok then Lets now conduct the test for the 2nd time but while interchanging the preceding conditions for the luckiest and the luckiest person i.e the luckiest person will get all the preconditions of the unluckiest person and vice versa.
Now what do we get. A fair deal. Isn’t it. A fair deal with for both the persons with respect to each other.
Also for the deal to be totally fair both the tests must be isolated from each other i.e none effecting the other and also with both guys not knowing that there will be another test i.e fairness is being provided to then in such manner. Crude but a necessary price for fairness.

Now coming back, we have millions of species on earth all very much different from each other. Some having the worst luck, some having not so bad a deal and there are also humans unarguably the luckiest of them all. And then in each specie there’s again the levels of luck. And this with a common test called life.
So whats the parameter of fairness here?
Yeah you guessed it right. Its rebirth with no knowledge of previous birth.

So to speak if there’s really an intelligent creator, who actually sits up there and has words like fairness in his dictionary then we will be going through this thing, i mean life, again. Sad but fair.


5 Responses to “How fair is that?”

  1. yes the idea of the creator is still a mystery …. but also with more advencement in science this idea is soon becoming defunct, call it the busy nature of mankind or it can also be attributed to the inventions and discoveries that are takingplace so rapidly… probably god never existed ..who knows !!

  2. indeed the idea of a care-taker creator is becoming defunct, but still the mystery of a creation remains and so will the human pursuit for it..
    Thanks for dropping by..

  3. 3 Divya

    What if we all are equal ??
    Read this…

  4. Divya,
    Great story….A perfect satire on reservation in any context.
    thanks for the link..

  5. 5 Jennifer

    hi u d

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